Museums in Stockholm

Discover the best museums in the city

Stockholm is a cultural and historical city with many museums. Here you will find everything from photo and music museums to more classical and historical museums.

The Nordic Museum

Nordic cultural history

The Nordic Museum is situated on Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. It’s a great place to learn about Swedish and Nordic cultural history from the past until...

Vasa Museum

The journey of the warship Vasa

Visit the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and learn about the warship Vasa and the Swedish history.


The home of photography

Fotografiska shows exhibitions of internationally renowned photographers, but also exhibitions of photographers that are not yet established.

Nobel Museum

From the past to the present

If you’re interested in the story of Nobel you should visit the Nobel Museum situated in the heart of the Old Town in Stockholm.

ABBA The Museum

You are a part of the experience

ABBA is one of the world's most famous music groups, at their museum on Djurgården you can follow their incredible journey.