Cinderella boats to Sandhamn

An international sailing center in Stockholm archipelago

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Welcome to Sandhamn, a classic destination as well as an international sailing centre in the Stockholm archipelago. Around 90 people currently live on the island called Sandön all year round.

The island of Sandhamn
The village is full of typical archipelago houses and narrow alleyways, with shops, restaurants, hotels, a coffee shop and a bakery. Sandhamn Hotell & Konferens and Sandhamns Värdshus date right back to the 17th century and are open all year round. Outside the village, there is an old cemetery, where the worn grave crosses still carry the names of sailors from all over the world. The island offers excellent bathing facilities, or if you prefer just sunbathe on a sandy beach or relax on the sun-warmed cliffs.

Cafeteria and restaurant on board the Cinderella boats
There is a small cafeteria if you just want a cup of coffee or sandwich, it's open throughout the season. During peak season (about May–Aug/Sept), Cinderella I and Cinderella II also offer lunch cruises and dinner cruises for those who only want to dine aboard and not leave the boat. Read more about our Dining Cruises

With Cinderella to Sandhamn

2h 15min

Take a Cinderella boat to Sandhamn, a classic destination as well as an international sailing centre in the Stockholm archipelago.

Tour facts

Season: 13 April 2017 - 05 November 2017

Departs from: Strandvägen berth no 14

Children 6-15 yrs: Half price
Children 0-5 yrs: Free of charge

Please note: 12:45pm departure on Fridays during 18th of June to 20th of August arrives at Sandhamn at 3pm.

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