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Welcome to Möja in Stockholm archipelago - an island with a rich cultural heritage and genuine archipelago scenery. Möja has a permanent population of around 280 people, many of whom have their own businesses and work as craftsmen. Here visitors can enjoy beautiful walking and cycle paths but there are no bathing facilities, since the beaches are relatively inaccessible.

Vårdkaseberget commands a magnificent view of Möja and the surrounding islands. Why not visit the island’s old wooden church and the famous fish restaurant, Wikströms Fisk?

For overnight stays, Möja offers a hostel, a Bed & Breakfast or rented cabins.

Cafeteria and restaurant on board the Cinderella boats
There is a small cafeteria if you just want a cup of coffee or sandwich, it's open throughout the season. During peak season (about May–Aug/Sept), Cinderella I also offers lunch cruises and dinner cruises for those who only want to dine aboard and not leave the boat. Read more about our Dining Cruises

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With Cinderella to Möja

2h 45min

Join us on a boat tour to Möja, the island people come to to enjoy its cultural heritage and genuine archipelago scenery.

With Cinderella to Möja

Tour facts


18 Apr - 05 Nov 2019

Departure point:

Strandvägen berth no 14. Please select departure berth and arrival berth when booking.


2h 45min


Children 6-15 yrs: Half price
Children 0-5 yrs: Free of charge
Destinations on Möja: Dragedet, Långvik, Ramsmora, Löka, Berg, Möjaström and Södermöja.


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