The archipelago on your own

Visit Stockholm's archipelago with our Cinderella boats

Stockholm’s archipelago have over 30 000 islands. The Cinderella boats take you quickly and comfortably to popular islands such as Sandhamn, Grinda, Möja, Finnhamn and all the islands in between. All meals served on board are prepared by our ship chefs during the trip with only the finest groceries.


Enjoy child friendly Grinda island

1h 20min SEK 130


International Sailing Center

2h 15min SEK 160


The capital of the archipelago

50min SEK 115


A scenic route to the archipelago

2h 45min SEK 160


The greenest island in the archipelago

1h 30min SEK 150

Södra Ingmarsö

A vivid island in the archipelago

1h 55min SEK 150


Eco friendly swimming and sunbathing

2h 10min SEK 160


The genuine archipelago experience

1h 30min SEK 150