Welcome to Fjäderholmarna

Welcome to Fjäderholmarna

Fjäderholmarna is the closest archipelago island in Stockholm. Strömma brings you to the island by boat from the city center in just 30 minutes. You can decide if you want to enjoy the island for a couple of hours or for the whole day. Walk around the beautiful Fjäderholmarna and discover the rich culture and the Swedish handicraft. Take the opportunity for sunbathing at the rocks or at the small beach. At Fjäderholmarna there are several restaurants, cafés and a brewery with the associated BrewPub. At the outdoor stage Fjäderholmsscenen you can enjoy music and concerts during the whole summer.

Food and beverages

There are several great places to eat and drink on the island. Enjoy delicious food with a taste of the archipelago at Fjäderholmarnas Krog, Skärgårdskompaniet or Rökeriet. Have a nice cup of coffee at Röda Villan and taste lovely ice cream at Systrarna Degens Glasstuga. Read more by follow the links below.

Fjäderholmarnas krog >>
Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna >>
Skärgårdskompaniet >>
Aifur Fjäderholmarna >> (in Swedish)
Röda Villan >>
Systrarna Degens Glasstuga >> (in Swedish)

Caribbean drinks, mead and freshly brewed beer

Visit the new beach bar Gustavia, located on the waterfront, next to the restaurant Skärgårdskompaniet. Here you will get the Caribbean feel with exotic drinks and beer from Barbados. On the menu, you can chose from Swedish favorites with a Caribbean touch. At the Viking tavern Aifur Fjäderholmarna you can try a wide range of mead varieties or just let yourself awed by a trip in history! At Fjäderholmarnas Brewery and BrewPub you can taste freshly brewed beer straight from the beer tanks or go on a guided tour to see the craftsmanship behind beer brewery.

Handicraft and souvenirs

Along the handicraft stalls at Fjäderholmarna there are many craft shops for you to visit. See glassblowing at Åtta Glas, visit the pottery Fjäderholmarnas krukmakeri, the smithy Kniv Art and textile handicraft stalls or bargain a piece of jewelry or interior decoration. Learn more about the different artisans by follow the links below. If you are interested in marine and boat building, we recommend you to visit Föreningen Allmogebåtar.

Åtta Glas - Glashytta och butik >> (in Swedish)
Smedjan KnivArt >> (in Swedish)
Textilt Uttryck >> (in Swedish)
Föreningen Allmogebåtar >>

Music shows at Fjäderholmsscenen

Book a ticket to one of the seasons many concerts on the island's music scene, Fjäderholmsscenen. Enjoy musical entertainment for all ages with belowed artists in the beautiful archipelago. The fare includes ferry ride from Nybrokajen with Strömmas boat. All you need to know, you will find the fjaderholmsscenen.se >>

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