Day trips

in Stockholm's archipelago and on Lake Mälaren

We are experts on guided boat tours in the archipelago and Lake Mälaren. Take a short sightseeing tour or a full day!

Archipelago Tour with guide

The best of Stockholm archipelago

This is the perfect boat tour if you are looking to experience the archipelago in a short time. Our guide onboard will in an inspiring way tell you all about...

Classic Tour to Vaxholm

Boat tour to the archipelago capital

Join the S/S Stockholm on a beautiful journey from one capital to another – relax on this tour to the archipelago capital Vaxholm. This is the perfect tour if...
Premiere 30 Mar.

Boat to Drottningholm Palace

Royal Elegance and World Heritage

Go aboard one of our historic ships S/S Drottningholm or M/S Prins Carl Philip for a magnificent cruise through Lake Mälaren to Drottningholm Palace.
Premiere 28 Apr.

Boat to Fjäderholmarna

Stockholm's closest archipelago island

Enjoy true archipelago atmosphere on Fjäderholmarna, only a short boat ride from the Stockholm city’s hustle and bustle. Spend a few hours or a whole day...
Premiere 5 May

Grand Canal Cruise to Artipelag

Boat tour, art & archipelago

1h 35min
Sit back and enjoy this lovely trip to the new scenic art gallery Artipelag. The journey through Stockholm archipelago is an experience in itself.
Premiere 25 June

Grand Canal Cruise to Gustavsberg

Guided boat tour, porcelain & shopping

We travel from central Stockholm, through Skurusundet and the narrow strait Baggenstäket to Gustavsberg in the middle of Stockholm's archipelago.
Premiere 30 June

Thousand Island Cruise

A full day excursion in Stockholm archipelago

This cruise is an amazing way to experience the best parts of our beautiful Stockholm archipelago. During the cruise you will be served coffee, lunch and a...
Premiere 30 June

Lake Mälaren Cruise to Rosersberg

Guided boat trip on Lake Mälaren

8h 45min
Enjoy a full day excursion with a guided boat trip from Stockholm on Lake Mälaren and a visit at Rosersberg Palace. On board there is a cafeteria.
Premiere 30 June

Lake Mälaren Cruise to Sigtuna

Guided boat tour to Sweden's birthplace

8h 45min
Visit the heart of Swedish Empire with a guided boat tour from Stockholm, on calm waterways through beautiful Lake Mälaren to Sigtuna. There is a cafeteria on...
Premiere 30 June

Lake Mälaren Cruise to Skokloster

Explore the Swedish Empire

8h 45min
Visit the heart of Swedish Empire with a guided boat tour from Stockholm or Uppsala, on calm waterways through beautiful Lake Mälaren to Skokloster Castle.
Premiere 22 June

Strömma Canal Tour to Sandhamn

Guided boat tour to Stockholm outer archipelago

An amazing journey from the city to the outer archipelago through narrow passageways and elaborate woodwork on Strömma Canal.
Premiere 28 Apr.

Birka – The Viking City

Visit the Viking City of Birka

7h 30min
Take a boat tour to Birka, the first city of Sweden and find yourself travelling back in time to the age of the Vikings. The ticket includes a round trip to...