Dining cruises

Brunch, lunch & dinner

Brunch cruises

Brunch in Stockholm archipelago

Enjoy the Stockholm archipelago, a lovely brunch buffet and an unbeatable dessert table. A brunch cruise to remember!

Dinner cruises

In Stockholm archipelago and on Lake Mälaren

Treat yourself to a lovely dinner cruise in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm and in Lake Mälaren.

Lunch cruises

On Lake Mälaren and in Stockholm archipleago

On board our ships you can enjoy lunch cruises in the archipelago of Stockholm or on Lake Mälaren to Drottningholm.

Afternoon Tea Cruise

In Stockholm archipelago

Enjoy a classic Afternoon Tea Cruise on board M/S Gustafsberg VII in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.

Christmas in the archipelago

Strommas Christmas is a Swedish tradition and a part of our Swedish heritage. With our beautiful old renovated ships you get to enjoy our Christmas Dinner while the breathtaking archipelago passes outside the window.