Christmas at Vaxholm Citadel

Christmas flavours on Gustav Vasas fort


Under dimly lit brick arches we serve a delicious Christmas buffet in restaurant Pansarbatteriet. Enjoy Swedish Christmas dishes such as smoked salmon, fish and seafood pâtés, tjälknöl from moose (Slow Cooked Tenderloin), game meatballs and pickled saffron pears. We also put an extra effort in our different kinds of pickled herring and in the Christmas candy.

Prices 2018

Afternoon dinner SEK 395–495 incl. VAT/pers (SEK 353–442 excl. VAT/pers)

Dinner SEK 495–695 incl. VAT/pers (SEK 442–621 excl. VAT/pers)

Christmas activities

Get an appetite before you eat by joining one of our fun Christmas holiday activities. Choose between the Christmas Team Challenge or Prisoners at the Fortress.

For further information or booking, please call +46 (0)8-1200 4870 or

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