M/S Östanå I

a classic on Stockholm's waters

M/S Östanå I Damsalongen M/S Östanå I Julbord i damsalongen, M/S Östanå I Salong övre däck, M/S Östanå I M/S Östanå I, aktersalong huvuddäck

Restaurateur Malin Söderström serves international and Swedish food, prepared onboard from carefully chosen ingredients. The maximum number of guests onboard is 150 and for seated dinners the ship holds 92 guests.

The M/S Östanå I is one of the traditional ships of the archipelago that offer a dining room and lady's lounge on the upper deck.  Regardless of being in one of the lounges or out on deck, the turn-of-the-century feeling remains.

The cozy dining room on the main deck has room for 56 seated guests, however if you only want to mingle there is room for 150 persons.

Restauranteurs : Malin Söderström

Max capacity : 150

Phone number : +46 8 12 00 40 42


Price : from 5800 SEK per hour


Built: 1906
Dining room, upper deck: 56    
Lounge: 24    
Ladies lounge: 12    
Christmas buffet: 68
Sitting dinner: max 92
Min number of guests: 25
Travel/drink arrangement: 150
Sun deck: Yes (under roof)    
Wifi: Yes    
Impaired mobility:         
Accessible restroom: No. Steep stairs, high thresholds and narrow doors.

Price information

The rental price varies depending on the date and type of event. Leave your requirements here, and we will get back to you with a cost estimation. The rental price is excluding VAT.

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Deck plans

M/S Östanå I, Stockholms skärgård M/S Östanå I, Stockholms skärgård – Strömma Kanalbolaget M/S Östanå I, övre däck – Strömma Kanalbolaget M/S Östanå I, aktersalong huvuddäck M/S Östanå I, damsalongen övre däck M/S Östanå I, övre däck

William Lindbergs Verkstads- och Varfs AB started to build M/S Östanå I in 1905. Unfortunately the building was stopped due to a strike at the shipyard. This led to that the parts of M/S Östanå I that already was finished got moved to Bergsunds Dock that finished the boat in 1906. The client was Ångfartygs AB Östanå and to ship got to operate on the route Stockholm – Vaxholm – Ytterby – Ytterbystrand – Östanå. She also operated to different docks on Ljusterö – Östra Lagnö. In 1913 M/S Östanå I was sold to Waxholmsbolaget, but continued to operate on the same route as before.

In 1967 Erik Jägerborg and Leif Rasmussen buys M/S Östanå I and remove the steam engine. After that Jägerborg and Rasmussen forms a shipping company and the renovating of M/S Östanå continues. In 1973 she finally is in running condition again. In 1985 the steam engine is replaced with a diesel motor. M/S Östanå I is a part of Strömma’s fleet since 1984.


1906 at Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstad

Did you know...

Jussi Björling, a famous Swedish tenor, was a loyal visitor at Östanå I? In the summers he'd often travelled with her when he was going to his house at Siarö.