S/S Stockholm

Strömma's flagship

Restauranteurs Jesper Taube and Maria Svensson invite you to the M/S Stockholm. They strive to make your visit an experience above the normal! The maximum number of guests onboard is 300 and for seated dinners the ship holds 250 guests.

Maria and Jesper carefully prepare those fantastic ingredients the Swedish archipelago offers. Both the Swedish and French kitchens are close to their hearts and they have developed these to suit the spirit of the times.

The S/S Stockholm is the fleet's largest ships with room for 300 persons during mingle arrangements. The beautiful dining room, furnished in modern art deco-style, has room for 130 persons.

Onboard there is even a gentlemen's lounge and a lady's lounge for short meetings.  

The ship is larger and more spacious than the traditional archipelago vessels and has a spacious sundeck with room for 50 persons.

Restauranteurs : Jesper Taube & Maria Svensson

Max capacity : 300

Phone number : +46 8 12 00 40 42

Price : from 9000 SEK per hour


Built: 1931
Dining room, upper deck: 130
Ladies lounge, upper deck: 44
Gentlemen's lounge, main deck: 26   
Lounge bar, main deck: 50
Christmas buffet: 190
Sitting dinner: max 250
Child chair: 2
Min number of guests: 130
Travel/drink arrangement: 300
Sun deck: Yes
Meeting room: Yes
Winter traffic: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Impaired mobility:    
Accessible restroom: Yes. Width gangway: 90 cm. Thresholds and stairs onboard.

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